April Monthly Members Meeting

Would you like to create a brand out of yourself? What do you represent? What do you argue for? What comes first to people’s minds when they first hear your name?

A successful and powerful personal brand makes the difference,creates emotional bonds, increases the demand for you. This makes you the people who is followed, instead of those people that follow others.

Dear Izikad members,

We work a lot, do the right things and show every effort to continue this in a settled way. While doing all these stuff, how can we step forward among all the competitors that does the same thing? How can we add more value to our work and to ourselves? How can we create an action plan for this?

We will find our answers to these questions at our monthly members meeting, at Swissotel Grand Efes, on 27th of April,Thursday at 18:30.Our guest will be  Mrs İrem Sefa Yayımlar., Brand Manager, Personal Development and Leadership Coach

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