İZİKAD E-School Project “ Basic Accounting “


27.03.2017 Monday
29.03.2017 Wednesday
31.03.2017 Friday
Hours: 13.00-17.00

The training will be done online from our website. You can participate this training with a password and username from your current location.

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All trainings within the contex of İZİKAD e-school project are free of charge.

.Other training subjects which are planned are as below:

Understanding Financial Tables

Focusing On Stronger Aspects

Improving Confident Behaviour

Time Management

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-          What is accounting?

-          Who are info users of accounting?

-          What are the main notions of accounting?

-          What are the types of enterprises and accounting types in terms of their operations?

-          Types of corporations according to their  capital structure:

-          Limited company

-          Joint stock company

-          Collective company

-          Limited partnership company

Official documents at accounting records according to tax law

-          İnvoice

-          Bill of consignment

-          İnvoice with bill of consignment

Other documents that are also used in place of invoice ( retail sales receipt, freelance invoice,expense note)

Official documents that are used in TTK Context

-          Bond

-          Cheque

What are the documents that are used  by companies accounting data?

-          Operating ledger

-          Blotter

-          Nominal Ledger

What are the account groups at uniform chart of accounts?

The examination of main accounts at TDH plan

Trainer: İnanç dede


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