İZİKAD E-School Project - Sales Presentation Training

15.02.2017 Wednesday / 22.02.2017 Wednesday.
 Time: 13.00-16.00
The training will take place online through the website.
You have the opportunity to participate in this tutorial from your location with the username and password that will be provided to you.
If you want you can follow this training from İZİKAD office.
If you want to participate, it is sufficient to fill out the application form from the link below.
For each training, separate application forms must be filled in.
 All trainings within the scope of İZİKAD E-OKUL Project are FREE.
February 15, 2017
Pre-Sales Preparation
Pre-Sales Research
Purchasing Psychology
Customer Contact Types
Personality Profiles
February 22, 2017
Sales Visit and Tracking
Active Listening
Coping with Objections
Types of Objections
Closing Sales
Trainer: Levent ZEREN
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