İZİKAD E-School Project / Men and Women Clients

Wednesday, 14th of December, 2016

At: 13.00-16.00

Training will be performed online through our website.

You may join this training from anywhere by use of the username and password provided from us.

You may also join as at İZİKAD main office.

Please follow the registration steps at the link below for joining this training.


Each different training program requires an individual registration for participation.


İZİKAD E-School trainings are all FREE.
Upcoming trainings are as follows;

Customer Centric Service 

Sales Presentation

Basic Accounting

To Understand Financial Tables

Focusing on Strengths

Developing Safe Behavior

Time Management 

(Informative e-mails will be sent soon for upcoming trainings.)


The Effect of Mental Structure and Sensations on Purchase Decision

Why is the Shopping is a Duty for Men / Trip for Women?

Purchasing as a means or Purchasing for Pleasure for Men and Women

Purchase Decisions and Different Behaviors of Men and Women

Purchasing Behaviors of Men and Women on Logic and Emotional Planes

Differences of Men and Women Viewpoints on Brands and Services

Who and Why does Decide for Purchase Decision on Mobile Devices?

Approaches to Men and Women in scope of Customer Relations Management

Looking of Male and Female Customers on Risk Factors in Online Shopping

What to Target in Marketing Strategies for Male and Female Customers?

TRAINER: Aydın Serdar Kuru



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