İzmir Association of Businesswomen First Development Workshop

İZİKAD is settling off to a detailed workshop programme on 5-6th of November at Pine Bay Hotel in Kuşadası. Aim is to learn and strengthen our bonds but not missing out the fun!

What is On Plan?

On  November the 5th,we will be on the road after we meet in front of Ataturk Lycee,where will get on the shuttle bus- sponsored by Mrs Gamze Bilgen Torun’s company Öz Klas Service. We will start the workshop after lunch at the hotel.

Who are the members of our Managing Board, what are their responsibilities?

Our financial status report

How to use social media?

Are a few examples from the presentations we will share..

After dinner we will use the remaining time to improve friendships. We will get to know each other better, laugh a little and relax a bit.

The next day we will continue our workshop.

There will be some small surprises along the self introduction of our new members.

On 6th of November,Sunday we will leave the hotel at noon and return to Izmir with the shuttle bus.

After our workshop we will organise a survey in order to make sure that our members stick to one committee  which they sympathise with. Therefore your participation at the workshop is of utmost importance for more effective participation and to be more content at IZIKAD.

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