2nd Informative KOSGEB Supports Meeting For IZIKAD Members

An informative meeting of KOSGEB supports will be hold on 13rd of June, 2016 at İZİKAD office. The meeting program will be carried out by KOSGEB Northern Facility Manager Özgür ARMANERİ between 16:00 and 18:00.


Scope of the meeting ;


- Definition of KOBI (SME) and KOSGEB


- KOSGEB's Mission and Vision


- KOSGEB Supports


- Ratios of KOSGEB Supports


- Supports for Beginner Entrepreneurs


- Supports for Operating Businesses


- KOSGEB Applied Entrepreneurship Supports and making use of it for Operating Businesses


- Available Businesses to Utilise Supports


- KOSGEB Supports for Associations


- Details for Project Development


- Evaluating Projects Regard as KOSGEB


- Pre-Development of KOSGEB Projects


- Validity of Certificate


- Establishing a Business After Receiving Certificate


- Repetitive Business Set-up with a Certificate



For the participation, registration is required for all İZİKAD members.


Note : This program is free of charge for all participants.

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