Our Mission and Vision

Our Goal

To create a cooperation and solidarity environment among women entrepreneurs in order to contribute in the realisation of a civilised, leader,modern, democratic,productive and science and expertise envisioned Turkey which acknowledges and appraises the economical value and contributions in production to be created by women as an individual and hence to empower existing women entrepreneurs, to increase their numbers in order to strengthen their position in business world.

Our Mission

Is to support modern, courageous, innovative,self confident, entrepreneural spirited, socially and economically productive business women and to bring in new ones to business world.In order to realise this mission,our association draws its strength from the professional vision and entrepreneural spirit of its own members who happen to be experienced and succesful in their realm.

Our Vision

To contribute in the creation of an Izmir that will be the realisation symbol of an ideal Turkey that is loyal to Atatürk’s principles and reforms and Global Human Rights and principles; with modern, democratic and egalitarian social structure.

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