Message Of Chairman

Dear Members of IZIKAD and My Friends,

A great team is not only composed of great players but also of unvisible ties that bonds them together.

I would like to thank to all my IZIKAD friends who were able to make me feel these invisible ties at our General Assembly held on 17th of February 2016.

We are proud and honored to serve IZIKAD together with all the rest of my enthusiastic, hard working,sharing and responsible friends at the Managing Board.

And together with all active business women who lays a heart on social entrepreneurship and dedicate her own skills, time, knowledge and economical resources, I am confident that we will carry out IZIKAD to a better future.

By deriving the strength from team building, we will continue to serve to realise all the dreams not just with our Managing Board but with all of our committees.

I would like to thank for all the efforts,support and contributions ;

Of all of our committees who vitalises and activates IZIKAD;

Of our Young IZIKAD Committee that enriches the career of female university students by providing trainings and mentorship about entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development, KOSGEB ( a governmental organisation for small and medium size enterprises), contributes in gaining experience by a project contest and awarding the winner with a language course abroad,

Of our IZIKAD Academy Committee which provides various seminars and trainings to women that desires to build a career or alrady has a career

Of our” I have a Career” Committee that provides courses for unemployed women bearing in mind that the developmental level of today’s society is evaluated by the developmental level of women,

Of our Cooperative Venture Committee that strives to organise entrepreneur women among each other in order to market their own products hence to promote these activities to the economy;

Of our International Relations Committe, which carried out IZIKAD to an international platform and helped us become one of the few associations in this matter,

Of our National Project Development Committee which works to realise our community projects and carries out contact with various organisations,

Of our IT Committee which works hard for a better social media appearence of IZIKAD,

Of our Organisation Committee which motivates us with their organisation of monthly member meetings, office visits and special dates and occasions,

Of our Membership Development Committee which brings in qualified members and strengthenes our potential to serve,

Of our newly founded committees Social Solidarity and Awareness, Sponsorship, Culture and Arts which immediately began to develop projects

Together and with love,

Huriye Serter


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