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Member Office Visit for May and IZIKAD Memorial spinney Visit April Monthly Members Meeting Young Success Company Programme İZİKAD Academy Training / Investment Tools At Financial Markets Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings From İŞKUR&KOSGEB&İZİKAD IZIKAD April Member Office Visit İZİKAD E-School Project “ Basic Accounting “ Member Office Visit On March A Visit To Anıtkabir IZIKAD Opened A Booth on 8th of March Presidency Training Seminar School Of Woman School Of Life Project İZİKAD E-School Project - Sales Presentation Training 2nd National Photography Competition and Coctail Our December Monthly Member Meeting Interview with Mr. Hüseyin ÖZER İZİKAD Academy Training - To Forgive İZİKAD Academy Training - Project Preparation Techniques İZİKAD E-School Project / Men and Women Clients İZİKAD E-Learning Project - Externality of Sales Strategies November Member Office Visit İzikad Academy Training/ Human Relations Training Program İzmir Association of Businesswomen First Development Workshop Monthly Member Meeting of October and KOSGEB Thematic Project Launching: "One Woman One Society" IZIKAD Academy Training- Presentation Techniques and Public Speaking September Member Office Visit A Visit to Kavacık Cooperative September Monthly Meeting Investment Instruments On Financial Markets 2nd Informative KOSGEB Supports Meeting For IZIKAD Members Institutionalization In Family Businesses And Constitutiom Education Monthly Member Meeting of June ISKUR & KOSGEB & IZIKAD Applied Entrepreneurship Training IZIKAD's 8th Anniversary Event at Swissotel was Completed on May 24, 2016.
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